Bolt: The new magic carpet!

Once, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine found themselves transported to 2015, thanks to the machinations of a mad scientist who invented a time machine for fairytale characters. Aladdin needs to find Jasmine and get back to their era before three hours are up. Will they be able to do it? Read on to find out.


"Where am I?" was Aladdin's first thought, when he opened his eyes to a grey, smog-filled sky. "It worked! It worked!" the mad scientist Krishank cried. "Where is Jasmine?" was Aladdin's next worry-filled question. "On the other end of the city, unfortunately. The plan was to bring you both to Jaduipur together but I uh mixed up my equations a little," Krishank confessed. Aladdin saw that he was in a worn-down lab, full of strange liquids that emitted even stranger-smelling fumes. "Please, I need to find Jasmine," he pleaded. "Well you better do it quickly because if you stay here for more than three hours, you'll be trapped in 2015 forever," Krishank said, not sounding the least bit apologetic. Aladdin was wild but this was no time for anger. He needed to find his beloved and make sure they were in time to make the return journey on the time machine.

The first thing Aladdin saw when he ran out of the lab was a huge billboard advertisement for the new Tata Bolt.

'Get set go' the advertisement said and the sight of the glistening red, compact vehicle lit the flame of hope in poor Aladdin's heart. "But how do I get this car? Let me try and use my magic flying carpet instead." Aladdin was sure he would not be able to afford the Bolt, so he unfurled his carpet (which had flown with him as the time machine had seized him while he was on the carpet) and sat on it. "Take me to Jasmine!" he commanded. The carpet fluttered feebly and moved a few inches at a pace slower than a horse's gait. Aladdin was greatly discouraged. "Krishank told me that Jasmine is at least 150km away, which means I have to travel 300km to bring her back."

An idea struck Aladdin's mind as he fantasised about driving to Jasmine in the Bolt instead. He felt around in his pockets and lo and behold, the magic lamp lay nestled in his right pocket - safe and sound! Aladdin was overjoyed to know that he could now get Genie to solve all his problems.

Aladdin rubbed the lamp fervently, hoping Genie wouldn't betray him. Luckily, Genie emerged within seconds. "Yes Aladdin, what do you want?" Aladdin explained his problem to Genie and ended by saying, "I saw in the ad that the Bolt is powered by a 1.2 litre turbocharged multi-point fuel injection engine and I'm convinced it's my only hope of reaching Jasmine in time!" "Why not any other car?" Genie wanted to know. "Well, it's got a city mode and a sport mode for maximum speed. The 140 nm of torque will make it a breeze for me to reach Jasmine in time! And it promises an excellent mileage - I'm hoping for 14km per litre!" "How do you know so much about the Bolt?" Genie was surprised. Aladdin smiled sheepishly. "I read about it in a newspaper at Krishank the mad scientist's lab." Genie thought about Aladdin's request. "Aladdin, things work differently in 2015. I can't give you the car but I can tell you how to get it. Go meet a girl called Ankita at Phoenix MarketCity in Kurla. She'll help you." And poof! Genie was gone. 

That's the pose Aladdin found me in, when he reached the Bolt exhibit at Phoenix Marketcity. "Ankita!" Aladdin cried. "You have to help me. I need to drive away in this car and find Jasmine who is stuck 150km away. And I have to bring her back within three hours; else I'll be stuck in 2015 forever!" "Please slow down!" I told Aladdin after I got over my initial surprise of encountering one of my favourite fairytale characters in person. I got Aladdin to explain me his predicament in detail. "Aladdin, do you know how to drive?" The poor Prince was stumped. I grinned. "Don't worry, I can drive you to Jasmine. I have some crazy speeding skills! But I don't have the money to buy the car. Will you be able to buy it?" Aladdin looked worried. He dug into his pockets and brought out a huge stash of gold coins. My eyes (and also those of the gracious Bolt salespersons) grew wide like saucers. "How much does the Bolt cost?" One of the salesmen came forward to answer. "Around four and a half lakh rupees only, sir." Wow, that was pretty cheap for a 1.1 tonne (which makes it very safe) hatchback. Aladdin gestured to his gold coins. "Will those suffice?" "Of course!" the salesman grinned. 

So we drove away in Aladdin's brand-new Bolt and it was an absolute treat to drive in this delectably sporty-looking car with its flame-like tail lights and life-saving in-car navigation. "Right turn ahead. Straight for 2km. Left turn in 300 metres," Aladdin shot out instructions like a pro and in no time at all, we had Jasmine in tow. She was totally frightened at finding herself in a strange city, all alone but she was exactly where Krishank had promised she would be. "I knew you'd come looking for me, darling so I forced myself to stay put!" Jasmine said, before wrapping Aladdin in a giant hug. I tried to look elsewhere but failed. 

"You're back!" Krishank cried in utter disbelief. "Yes. The Bolt made it possible," Aladdin beamed. I poked him in the ribs. "And Ankita of course!" he added, shooting me an aggrieved glance. "Hey, Aladdin bought the car. Can your machine send the car with them as well?" I asked. It was only fair. Jasmine looked delighted at my suggestion. "Yes, I've fallen in love with it!" she said and hugged the car's bonnet. Krishank hemmed and hawed but finally, he found a way to transport Aladdin and Jasmine in the car that saved them. We stocked the spacious back seat with as many tubs of petrol as we could. "Okay, here they go!" Krishank said as I hugged the two of them goodbye. The machine revved, there was a haze of smoke and within seconds, Aladdin, Jasmine and the car vanished. I felt sad, thinking about the adventure I'd just had. Perhaps, I might have another adventure if I saved up enough to buy a Bolt! 

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