Valley. Flatten. Fools.

Pic: Ankita Shreeram
The swirling mist
Joined hands with sedate, grey clouds
To hide the valley from our eager eyes
Our thirsty eyes
Our city-weary eyes
Maybe if we’d all dived in
With our city-weakened bodies
And primitive desires
We might have made a hole
In the singing mist
And our laden souls
To allow,
A little joy inside.

Touch and go. That's all it was
But I still believe
At a meandering turn,
I might find you
Holding a smile in your hands
And an embrace in your eyes.
Time will flatten
Like a deck of cards falling
And it’ll be like
We never stopped singing together.

By the door of her stone house, she stood
Unsmiling, watching, sedate
Her sari was a dull maroon
And her children were a happy brown
Their merriness and her silence
Both blissful, yet different
So different
From the unrest in my heart.
They played with sticks and stones
And she, with paddy and hot coals
We’re fools, you and I
We play with people and thoughts instead
And we feel the needles poke in bed
Our sleep as murky as wakefulness
Guilt seeping between different levels of consciousness
Dissonance causing cracks in the armour
We so proudly wear.
I want to be naked
Because You will cloak me
The one I seek
The one I see in the dreams I don’t remember
And walk with in the walks my selves don’t return from
You will show me
That we were never meant to hide.