Goodbyes in a mortal life

I'll leave you be
This wasn't meant to be
Or so the voices of reason say.
But goodbyes in a mortal life?
Like stubbing the flame of a candle on its last hunk of wax.

Perhaps we shall meet
In another season, another lifetime, another universe
Where the wind blows a little harder
And the sun shines a little brighter
And everything is a little truer
Than here.

Perhaps we shall sing
To a different tune, in a different world
Where the music doesn't play by the rules
But simply by the way the heartstrings sway
And love is no prisoner
To the iron-wrought cage of labels.

For now, the world has lost its lustre
And I have ceased to see its beauty
And all I hear
Is a plaintive whisper
That goodbyes in a mortal life
Are as tragic as a spat with the sun, moments before it sets.

Not such a quiet affair after all!

Ryan and Alisha did not have the means for a lavish wedding. But their love was true, and they opted for a no-frills court marriage. It wouldn’t have the fanfare of a traditional wedding but the vows would be said and they would mean them. That’s all that really mattered.

Their friends didn’t think so. Behind their backs, four of their closest friends devised a way to shake things up in a way that Ryan and Alisha wouldn’t mind.

The day of the marriage dawned bright and clear – a good sign, considering it was the rainy month of September. Alisha looked ethereal in a flowy white gown with a boat neck and ruffled sleeves. Ryan looked equally dapper in a well-tailored black suit. As the lovely couple said their vows, their friends felt their eyes moisten. Who could remain unaffected by the power of true love?

It was a quiet affair, or so they thought. As Ryan and Alisha walked out of the court, hand in hand, they were stunned to find Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda waiting for them, along with their instruments, band members and a few dancers, already in formation.

Anushka begins to sing ‘Hai re hai mera ghungta' in her resonant and mellifluous voice and for the first few seconds, there is no music. Then, simultaneously, the music and the dancers come out of their stupor and begin a well choreographed performance that has both Ryan and Alisha amazed.

The performance is so electrifying that passers-by stop to watch and soon, there is a circle of admirers surrounding this stupendous singer-dancer duo. Arjun pauses in his Michael Jackson dance routine to rope in Ryan and Alisha. They are reluctant to join in but Arjun is persistent and soon, the newly wed couple is shaking a leg to the strains of ‘Hai re hai mera ghungta' as well!

The friends of the couple are beside themselves with excitement. They knew this would turn out well but they still hadn’t expected Arjun and Anushka to put up such an excellent show! They call upon every single dance move in their repertoire and join the dancers in full frenzy. Their moves are so good that the watching admirers begin to applaud and ask for an encore when one of them decides to take a break!

And then, the music changes to something softer. Anushka is now singing ‘The little things you do' and Allu Arjun begins to perform a graceful contemporary dance. The spotlight is on Ryan and Alisha as they begin a slow ball dance, looking into each other’s eyes as though the whole world were reflected there. The romance in the moment catches everyone’s fancy and this will be an evening to remember, for all those who chanced upon Anushka and Arjun’s act on that September evening. 

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A musical Monday!

It's Monday morning. Everyone looks either hungover, sleepy or bored. It's clear that they'd rather be anywhere else but here, in office. Computers are switched on, the coffee machine gurgles continuously and a general sense of dreariness permeates the air. What could change this into a peppy, happy workplace full of pumped up spirits and enthusiastic laughter?

Meet Allu Arjun.

He’s a Telugu actor known for his suave moves and a soon to release film called Rudhramadevi.

Meet Anushka Manchanda.

She is a singer and model who shot to fame after winning a music reality show on Channel [V] and forming the pop girl band Viva!

Now imagine, the two of them walk into your office, quietly, while everyone is busy staring into their screens and pretending to be working. Allu Arjun looks dashing in his leather pants, jacket and glitzy glares. Anushka has on a coordinated leather mini skirt, crop top and jacket. Together, they look like they’re ready to have some serious fun.

Lights. Sound. Action!

Anushka Manchanda presses the play button on her radio, the music starts to stream and she begins singing her popular song from the movie of the same name, ‘Ek main hun aur ek tu!’ and Allu Arjun dances to her rhythm, his every mirroring the tempo of the music. They look like they’ve been born to do this!

The zombies at work are initially stunned, entranced even – at this unexpected showcase of excellent song and dance. And then it begins, with something as small as a foot tap and a rhythmic rise of shoulders. One person stands up, simply unable to resist the lure of the music and begins moving in time. Another person joins him, yet another, and another.

Before you know it, the whole floor is dancing with Anushka and Arjun, all Monday blues forgotten. When the song ends, the crowd clamours for more and Anushka launches into her famous rendition of Akcent’s ‘I’m sorry’ titled ‘Mujhe maaf kardo’. Arjun tries some b boying and locking in this one and his daring moves evoke much applause from his admirers.

Meanwhile, the bosses upstairs are wondering what all the hue and cry is about and come downstairs to check on their cheeky subordinates. The sight that meets their eye leaves them astounded. Is this a dance class or an office? But then, someone draws in the CEO and he cannot help but respond.

Seeing the CEO sway his hips and dance like there’s no tomorrow, the other seniors have no choice but to join in as well.

It’s safe to say that productivity touched the roof on that particular Monday. Why wouldn’t it, after the rush of energy that Anushka and Arjun infused into the otherwise mundane workplace?

Stay tuned for more such stories of their powers to turn any situation around.

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