My feet
Sing songs of sweet agony
My muscles
Tell tales of disharmony
But my mind
My mind is in deep slumber
A nudge
No answer
Don't desert me, thought-buddy
Silence and I, we're awkward strangers
But now we're left alone
Like a man and a woman on a first date
Hesitant but fearfully hopeful
I take a tentative sip
From a glass full of stillness
Silence fidgets, then relaxes
The room darkens
We smile, hands lying on the table,
I keep looking around for familiar intruders
Memories, regrets, analysis
But this is thought paralysis
Silence begins to melt
Though the room is cool
Melds into the velvety darkness
Leaving me alone
A heavy serenity
Wrapped around me like thick smoke
Inescapable, strangely comforting
Now I don't want my thought-buddies back
But I know they will come
Already, the door is opening
Inch by inch
Silence, she won't stay too long
A hard woman to woo
Maybe next time
I should let her take a sip instead.

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