Everyone I know.

Ancestral voices by Firsov Kubla (from Wikimedia Commons)
everyone i know,
wants to tell me who i am.
everyone i know,
points at pinpricks of darkness and light
within me.
as if i didn't know they were there.
everyone i know,
tries to make sense of me
find the key to messy mystery
draw a map of my psychic history
trace the origins of my insanity.
everyone i know,
pokes and prods with sadistic glee
my squirms are their sorry victory.
everyone i know,
insists on reminding me
on rare times when the sunshine pokes through
that i am porous
and i will never retain the warmth long enough
to recover completely
to regain wholly
what i was once born with.
everyone i know,
revels in chiding me
that i know nothing of real pain
that my woes are but contrived
children of a needlessly cynical mother.
everyone i know,
is a voice of annoying wisdom
a speaker of irrefutable reason
a paragon of what i should be.
everyone i really know
is just another part of me.