Worms and demon.

Courtesy: Ark (Licensed under Creative Commons)
Deep drags of air..
Peace settles in.
Doubts like worms
Crawl deep inside
Make way for serenity
Worms will fester
Beg for food
But you must be unkind.
You must let them starve
Wither away
Turn to ashes
Forgettable dust
To be blown away one day
By a puff of certainty.


There's a demon in me
And he loves to caress unsuspecting strangers
Stretching out his claws, scouring for blood
And if he finds it, he wants more
And then I know
I'm done for
And so is the unsuspecting stranger
And so they all run away from me
Screaming for their precious lives
While the demon and I
We sigh
In unison
Lonely forever
But together in our bloodthirst
Sometimes he goes to sleep
For a day or two
Or even weeks or months
And then I manage to lure a stranger into my life
I manage to be familiar with someone for once
And then the demon awakens
As I'd always known he would
And again he runs
Again I scream for him to stay
But the only one who stays
Is my demon.