Goodbyes in a mortal life

I'll leave you be
This wasn't meant to be
Or so the voices of reason say.
But goodbyes in a mortal life?
Like stubbing the flame of a candle on its last hunk of wax.

Perhaps we shall meet
In another season, another lifetime, another universe
Where the wind blows a little harder
And the sun shines a little brighter
And everything is a little truer
Than here.

Perhaps we shall sing
To a different tune, in a different world
Where the music doesn't play by the rules
But simply by the way the heartstrings sway
And love is no prisoner
To the iron-wrought cage of labels.

For now, the world has lost its lustre
And I have ceased to see its beauty
And all I hear
Is a plaintive whisper
That goodbyes in a mortal life
Are as tragic as a spat with the sun, moments before it sets.

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