Micro fiction and poetry

Courtesy: Pixabay


A #quest for knowledge
Took me across the world
Yet I learnt the most at home
For in my son's innocent eyes
Were all the answers of the wise.

I fished for dreams
In a crowd full of sleeping children
And I found more than I could fit
Within the seams of my charity
- A philanthropist

So it's like this -
Sometimes the world doesn't move
At the same pace as you
Sometimes it's faster
Leaving you grounded
As the clock spins
Winds blow
And you remain
Suspended in time.

And sometimes it's slower
Pulling at you
With languorous claws
Even as you struggle past
And run into the sunrise
Of a future that you know is yours.


I look at pristine pictures
And finely worded memories
And I feel a distinct ache
For distant shores.

I feel a distinct ache
For a different time
When the sun was more sublime
And the winds spoke a language
Quite removed from those in my clime.


When the first cracks appeared,
I should've known.
But I stayed on
And #crumbled with the edifice of our failed love.


Come dawn, the sun outshines the moon
Come dusk, the tables turn
Eternal rivalry.

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