Review: Grandmama's Cafe, Mumbai

The fragrance of hot, melted cheese has never failed to perk my spirits. After gorging on bowls of creamy fondue and bread in the picturesque Alps of Switzerland, I was elated to receive an invite to sample the same dish at Mumbai’s Grandmama’s Café. I decided to visit the Lower Parel outlet as it’s closer to my workplace and give their Monsoon Fondue Fest a go. Of course, it being lunch, we couldn’t possibly ignore the other sections of the menu. So a light and delicious meal was had in the cheerful environs of Grandmama’s Café, located opposite Smash in Kamala Mills Compound, best accessed from Gate 4.

Although the area is dusty and heavily industrialised, the café’s entrance is colourful and inviting. Inside, the restaurant is spacious and well-lit with lots of interesting elements such as writings and chandeliers on the walls and the ceiling. I loved the predominance of green and white in the décor. At the end of the restaurant, you have the bar and dessert counter. I was quite surprised to see that the café serves a variety of cocktails though we didn’t try any. We also skipped dessert in favour of the thick shakes. Here’s a lowdown.

Monsoon Fondue fest: Four Cheese fondue

The fondues on the menu range from spicy, meaty to classically cheesy. Being a vegetarian who can’t get enough of cheese, I chose the Four Cheese Fondue, a divine mix of Emmental, Parmesan, Mozzarella and Cheddar. It came served in an earthen bowl with a little candle at its base to keep the fondue warm, multigrain bread to dip in the fondue and a spinach fritter (there was just one!). The portion was just right for two people and the fondue was splendid. It had just a hint of spice and the consistency was creamy but not overwhelming. A great idea would be to include a variety of dips apart from bread. If you like spicy fondue, go for the Jalapeno, Paprika or Roasted Red Pepper Fondue. And if you want some bite in your fondue, there are the Grandmama's Special Chopped Macaroni Fondue and Bacon Fondue to choose from. 

Grandmama’s Special Pizza

My friend ordered the Grandmama’s Special Pizza, a thin crust 10 inch pizza with eight slices. It was basically a cheese pizza (but not too cheesy) with sun-fried tomatoes, olives, onions and bell peppers. It was slightly bland without tomato ketchup (served on a bicycle no less!) but I have to say, the pizza was very close to the authentic Italian ones and a far cry from the thick crust fast food outlet pizzas.

Caesar Salad

Before moving on to our liquid dessert, we wanted just a bit more to feel replete. So we chose the Caesar Salad, a mix of romaine and iceberg lettuce, caper berries, sun-dried tomatoes, herb croutons and parmesan. I loved the creamy Caesar dressing but I couldn’t spot any parmesan in the salad. Nevertheless, it was very tasty and a great way to fill up on greens.

Belgian Chocolate Shake

I love Belgian Chocolate in any form. Be it ice-cream, pastry or a thick shake, this is the flavour I’d go for without missing a beat. However, the shake was heavier on milk than chocolate and wasn’t as chocolatey as I’d have liked it to be. But perhaps, I should’ve asked the server exactly how it would be before ordering. Some chocolate sauce and crunchy elements might make this shake more wonderful.

Brownie Shake

Surprisingly, the brownie shake turned out to be far better than the Belgian Chocolate Shake, although sweeter. There was one small brownie in the shake and the flavour was wonderful. I’d recommend adding another brownie.

If you frequent Lower Parel or Dadar often, this café should be your go-to joint for breakfast (they have a great breakfast menu) and light lunches as it’s very easy on the pocket. The total damages for our meal wouldn’t have been more than Rs 1500 for two people. According to the manager, the Rajma Chawal and sandwiches are also worth a try. Also, despite being really crowded for a weekday afternoon, the service was seamless and prompt. All portions are meant for two people only.
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Address: Next to Gate 4, Kamala Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Opening hours: 9 AM to 12 Midnight everyday
Phone number: 022 30151615