A taste of Thai at Sofitel Mumbai BKC

The chef in conversation with the staff

Thai food is my favourite among international cuisines (though I do love the Japanese sushi, Cantonese and Mediterranean dishes as well). Coconut-based gravies, a tendency to steam rather than fry (except when it comes to snacks) and the wonderful flavours of lemongrass and galangal have always endeared Thai dishes to my hungry soul. Last month, I was lucky enough to sample some great vegetarian Thai at 'Taste of Thailand', a food festival at Pondichery Cafe, Sofitel Mumbai BKC. Pondichery Cafe routinely hosts thematic culinary events that allow diners to experience the best of regional and international cuisine. So be sure to inquire whenever you have a free Friday evening!

Sweet and sour papaya salad

The menu featuring delicacies like Larb Chicken, Lamb Shank Massaamun, Panang Salmon with Red Curry and Vegetarian Pad Thai had been curated by Chefs  Sorataj and Teepanon, flown down for the purpose of the festival from So Bangkok - Sofitel. Chef Teepanon was manning the papaya salad counter and at my behest, he agreed to tone down the traditionally spicy version and prepare a sweet and sour salad instead. It was one of the best papaya salads I've ever had and the peanuts added just the right amount of crunchiness.

Bubble iced tea

I feasted primarily on the Thai green curry and steamed rice - a meal that for me, is as soothing and satisfying as dal chawal (actually maybe more). The kind of vegetables used in green curry, such as baby corn, zucchini and bamboo shoots, have always appealed to my taste buds. But I made room for a bowl of coconut soup, the salad and sticky rice with milk as well. My husband, who loves his staple Indian food, tried the Indian dishes and they did not disappoint. The buffet spread at Pondichery Cafe always features an Indian counter, salad bar and desserts counter irrespective of the on-going festival. However, when there are festivals, there is always an interesting live counter. And for the Thai food festival, we were able to taste bubble tea prepared from condensed milk. It was supremely delicious and we went back for seconds.

Chocolate fudge cake
Lastly, the desserts at Pondichery Cafe are exceptional. So there was no way I wasn't going to make a beeline for the chocolate fudge cake and other heavenly delights even though I was stuffed with my hearty meal. However, I saw something healthier - fresh fruit juices in cute, small portions sitting pretty inside a refrigerator on the way. Well of course, then I had to have both. I've written so much about Sofitel and Pondichery Cafe in the past but for those not in the know, Sofitel is a luxurious five-star hotel in the heart of BKC with a variety of fine dining options. Click here for more.