Dusk till dawn

 I listen to Zayn and Sia's "Dusk till dawn" over and over and keep hoping that the next replay will tell me how I'm going to get through this period in my life. I think I've been this miserable before too, but this time, it feels like things may never change. I live my life from dusk till dawn, waiting for the love of my life to come home and help me stop acting. For that's what I do in my current role as daughter in law. I act. I act like I'm a happy cook, housekeeper and companion for my mother in law when I'd rather be watching the trees, walking among busy streets, sitting at a wayside cafe or penning a monumental poem or two. Come Monday, I'll be taking a chance and finally introducing some colour into the drab canvas that my life has become. But what I really want is a gargantuan rainbow to overtake all the shadows in my past, present and future.