Sustenance Granola: Delish Breakfast or Power Snack

I've never been keen on cooked breakfasts - for one, I just don't feel hungry enough and second, where is the time to cook when one is rushing off to work? Enter modern cereal-based breakfasts like rolled oats and muesli. But a while ago, Sustenance Foods, a boutique gifting studio by Richa and Neha, sent me something even better - granola.

Rather like energy bars, granola is chunkier and tastier than plain cereal. Sustenance Granola comes in three variants and all are gluten free, vegan, packed with nuts & seeds, 100% natural and sweetened with locally sourced organic honey. Besides, each batch is hand mixed and baked in small batches at low temperatures to give it a nice crunch and toasty flavour. Here is my detailed review of their three granola variants.

Chocolate and Hazelnut 

Super chocolatey and replete with large hazelnuts, I tried this first (but of course) and loved it the most. It was all right with milk but the best match was thick yoghurt. If you have Greek yoghurt, that's even better. I also loved the fragrance of cinnamon and the dark chocolate chips.

Cranberry and Pistachio

The folks at Sustenance Foods don't believe in skimping on the good stuff at all - the granola had ample chunks of dried cranberry and crunchy pistachios. They often stuck together with the oats and seeds to form delectable clusters. This variety is quite sweet because of the cranberries.

Figs and Walnut

Walnuts are great brain food and figs are very fibre-rich, making this granola very good for you. The dried figs stand out a little but the granola is still quite tasty. However, out of the three, I preferred this least. But it's all about personal taste and if you want to keep your breakfasts healthy, you should ideally have all three variants in rotation.

The granola comes in high-quality glass bottles that could be reused later for storing nuts or dried fruits. However, if you store them for too long, the granola sticks to the bottom. The three bottles I received were 230 gms each and it took me a month to get through all of them.

The founders suggest spooning the granola over ice-creams and fruit salads as well. But honestly, it is so delicious on its own, you can easily replace unhealthy snacks like chips and biscuits with a handful of granola.

The story doesn't end here. They also make excellent preserves & jam, organic coffee, cookies, biscotti, honey, tea cake, flavoured nuts, crackers and indulgent treats. These come packaged in attractive gift hampers. For more information (and a great granola recipe), visit

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