Goodbye Movember!

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See that woman behind Tom Cruise? She's got that glint in her eye because... Yes, you guessed it - thanks to Cruise's drop-dead gorgeous, clean-shaven appearance! The last one month has been all about beards, beards and still more beards. Now, no one's denying that there is a certain (albeit odd and distinctly devilish) charm to hairy faces and overgrown stubble. But I think, the ladies will agree that the appeal of clean-shaven, well-groomed faces is simply timeless!

I've seen the men in my life moan and groan when they realise they haven't shaved on an important day. Imagine walking into an interview for your dream job with a face that screams "irresponsible". Like it or not, we do associate the ideal, able professional with a no-nonsense haircut and clean-shaven good looks. Still don't believe me? Well even Scottish actor James McAvoy confessed, "I always have a beard between jobs. I just let it grow until they pay me to shave it."

I've heard this story of a guy who was rejected by the parents of the woman he loved, simply because he had chosen to sport a rugged beard that day. Hard to believe? Well it seems that many Indian parents are allergic to the roguish sensibility that comes parceled with a healthy beard. So if you want a good chance at getting your girl to say, "I do," you should probably go say the same words to your razor first.

Then there's the issue of men with facial hair that's really enthusiastic in some spots and practically non-existent in others. All the more reason to create a clean slate. Take a cue from Tom Ford's advice, "I hate tricky facial hair. If your facial hair is too spotty in places, shave. Just forget about it." If you need more inspiration, here's a glimpse of celebrities who look hottest clean-shaven:
Daniel Craig (Wikimedia Commons)
Ranbir Kapoor (Wikimedia Commons)

Shah Rukh Khan (Wikimedia Commons)

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Wikimedia Commons)

George Clooney (Wikimedia Commons)

Jude Law (Wikimedia Commons)
My friend landed his current job with an excellent pay hike as well as a promotion, during an interview where he sported / did not sport a beard. Not much of a guessing game there. There are some moments in life where you have to shake off the lure of your preferences; moments that are so monumentally important that they can make or break your life. At moments like these, your answer to that primordial question 'Will you shave?' - it's got to be yes. It's what differentiates us from the apemen after all. It's what makes us civilised and suave, new-age men and women (yeah, for women, it's not much of a dilemma - whether to shave or not).
To shave or not to shave? If you're still pondering over that question, I suggest you shake off the Movember blues and go pick up that razor that is crying for your attention!

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