The touch of love

I never thought I'd be a victim of the 'seven year itch'. After all, these were just pop cultural terms you read in magazines and on social media. Little did they invade your own life and confront you with their unsavoury meanings. I was so wrong.

You know how it gets with married couples after a while. You live together, you share everything and eventually, you fall into this comfortable routine that starts to become second nature to both of you. There's nothing wrong with this. The only problem is, eventually, you forget that you're a couple that's meant to love each other and revel in each other's companionship. You forget that you're more than just two people living under the same roof, sharing the same food and the same bed. You forget that eating together is an act of love, and so is spending your days and nights together.

A few days before our seventh wedding anniversary, I came across the new TVC for Parachute Advansed Body Lotion. I was randomly flipping through TV channels on a lazy Sunday and suddenly, these sensual images of the entwining hands of a man and woman arrested my attention. The simple phenomenon of skin-to-skin contact - it seemed so magical as demonstrated in the advertisement. Suddenly, I was seized by a desire to hold my husband's hand. I wanted to feel his reassuring warmth and slip my softness into his. But alas, the skin on my fingers were peeling, thanks to the winter coolness. I was pretty sure our contact would be nothing like what I saw in the ad! Something would have to be done.

I went to to see what this product was all about. I saw that they had three delectable variants, although I only knew about the lavender coloured bottle - deep nourish, soft touch and butter smooth. All the lotions claimed to give you softer skin in seven days. 'Just a gimmick', I thought. But I wanted to do something to make our anniversary special. I stopped weighing the pros and cons and went ahead and ordered the 'butter smooth' variety, meant for rough, dry skin.

If I told you that my husband couldn't stop feeling my skin during our anniversary dinner, you'd probably think I was exaggerating. But I'm not. That lotion worked wonders, both on my skin and my relationship with my husband of seven years. It's not like he's never wanted to touch me before, but the knowledge that my skin was silky smooth, emboldened me to take the initiative myself. I'd forgotten how good it felt to have his fingertips caress the sensitive skin in the crook of my arm and at the nape of my neck.

Do you want to #BringBackTheTouch in your relationship as well? I suggest you try Parachute Advansed Body Lotion. It's perhaps the most affordable option in the winter lotion market right now. And it's superbly effective as well. What more does a woman need?

(This post was written as a part of Indiblogger and Parachute Advansed Body Lotion's #BringBackTheTouch campaign)

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