Craving new wheels? Try Quikr NXT

This month, my dad managed to find a buyer for my sister's old bicycle through Quikr. He told me how he didn't have to give our his contact details and talk to prospective buyers on the phone. I asked him how that was possible and he told me about Quikr NXT, a feature that allows you to chat with buyers and sellers via the website itself! So only when you've clinched the deal do you have to share actual contact details.

I remember this one time when I posted an ad to sell a book. Seconds after the advertisement went live, I got a random message from a creepy guy I didn't know. I then realised the pitfalls of sharing one's personal details even for the purpose of trade. Back then, I had intimated Quikr about the same and advised them to introduce a platform wherein people could communicate through the website itself. I didn't get a response that time but I think, they were already working on this model because within a month or two, they had launched Quikr NXT.

Let's walk you through Quikr NXT using an example of a car. Many of us would not want to shell out several lakhs of rupees for a brand new car, especially when you have the option of buying barely used cars at a much lower price online. So, let's log on to Quikr and look for a car that fits our budget. I'm going to earmark 2 lakh rupees for this purpose; double the price of a Nano. The first thing that you have to do is register yourself on the website. Once you do that, you can see a tab called 'My chats' on the dashboard. When I open mine, I see the messages that I sent to dealers of memory cards, hard disks, headphones and portable chargers as I had purchased a few of those items last year. That worked out pretty well, btw.

Now let's go through the listings in the cars section and shortlist a few, based on filters like price, used/new, car models and brands, etc. Earlier, when I sent a message to a seller, it would be a static affair and I'd have to wait for hours or days at times for the seller to check his inbox and respond. But now with Quikr NXT, a chat window pops up when I send a message and if the seller is online, he can respond at once. This is communicating in real time! With this feature, one can clinch a deal in mere minutes. I don't think car buying has ever been this easy or quick. What's more, if you have the app installed, you'll get a notification instantaneously, making the process even smoother.

Personally, my heart is set on this i10 for 2 lakh rupees. It was purchased in 2010 and the seller claims that it is in excellent condition. I decide to ping him and ask him if it has any dents or scratches and voila, he replies within minutes! I've also messaged another seller with a Maruti Wagon R for the same price. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have my new wheels on its way by Monday. Are you going to get cracking as well or not?