The top 5 wishes on my bucket list

Watch this video and take a moment to reflect over whether you're prepared for all the years that lie ahead of you. Will you be living your later years worrying about how you're going to rake up money for the next day or will you be travelling the world and doing everything that you've always wanted to do? The latter obviously requires some planning, because a restful future is not easily attained.

Do you have a bucket list full of things you wish to accomplish before you die? Isn't that the defining factor of a wish list - that there's a clock ticking on them? And yet, living life with the thought of an imminent death simply robs it of its zest and spontaneity. Wouldn't it be great to live as though you'd be here forever? What if you could truly be #BefikarUmarBhar?What would your bucket list constitute? Here are the top five picks from mine.

1. Travel the world with my beloved

I know everyone says this but by travelling the world, I don't mean a hectic world tour with no time to breathe in between. It means that I want to do a leisurely trek of the globe, pausing whenever I want, staying in places for weeks together and absorbing newness everyday, in the company of the one I love the most. Things mean so much more when you can share them with someone you love. I discovered this while travelling solo and I know that if I ever pack my bags to be a nomad, I wouldn't want to do it alone. Loneliness can be tiring.

2. Write novels that people love to read

When I no longer have to do a nine to five job, I'll have all the time in the world to put pen to paper and record all the stories that have germinated in my mind and heart, over the years. These will be stories I've experienced and imagined; stories that make the reader feel something they wouldn't have otherwise. I don't want to be a bestselling novelist or someone who sells their books for 99 each. I want to be the kind of author people remember fondly years on, as someone who affected their lives with insightful writing.

3. Involve myself in saving the environment

It always burns my heart to read about trees being hewn to make way for more soulless 'development'. I've been involved with Greenpeace in the past but it wasn't the same as actually petitioning for local issues and ensuring that I'm doing my part in conserving what little green cover we have left. My heart aches to think of a dry planet with just a few sorry remnants of the majesty of nature. I've wondered if I couldn't turn back time and return the world to a time that was far kinder and more aware of the need to be attuned to all the beings of the Universe,

4. Learn to play the piano and violin

I already own a piano but I haven't made much headway in learning to play it with finesse. If I could live #BefikarUmarBhar, I'd definitely invest time and money in learning my favourite musical instruments. I've always loved to sing and it brings me deep pleasure to lose myself in the tunes of a soulful melody. How wonderful it would be if I could create the accompanying music myself, without waiting for karaoke tracks or a kind guitarist who'd be willing to play along? How wonderful it would be if I could recreate the classical legends of yore through my own fingers?

5. Spend time with my grandkids

And by spending time I mean taking them on camping trips and teaching them the nuances of speaking French, I would want to relive the passions of my youth in their innocence and spiritedness and I know my life would have meant something when I see them smile at something I say or do. It is our duty to leave a positive legacy in whatever way possible so that we may not have lived in vain. Our lives may be transient but they can mean as much as we want them to because their meaning is defined by our actions and intent. And if I work towards living #BefikarUmarBhar, I know I can fulfil every item on this bucket list.

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