I don't understand modern-day friendships.

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I don't understand modern-day friendships. I don't understand tagging people, sharing private conversations and declaring your fondness for special ones to the world. I don't understand the attribution of degrees like best and better. I don't understand the constant shifting of people under the tag of 'best friend'. I don't understand competing and kiss emoticons and 100 different 'close friends'. I simply don't understand Facebook likes (and the failure to do so) and keeping in touch with 50 different 'friends' over 10 different platforms every single day. I don't understand the baring of hearts to so many different people at different points.

Small talk, parties, dances with veritable strangers ('good friends' a day after meeting them), inclusions, exclusions (of those not 'cool' enough), back-biting (in the name of humour), flattery laced with malice, frenemies, compartmentalised buddies - all of it is Greek to me.

All I understand is this: loving a few and loving them truly; enjoying their company irrespective of Facebook status updates and Foursquare check-ins and boastful selfies on Twitter. I understand trivial conversations and philosophical arguments. I understand baring my heart to a special person or two. I understand cherishing the great moments and putting them up on the walls of my memory (not virtual walls). I understand the occasional post when you're truly overwhelmed; its specialness ensconced in its rarity. I understand friendship like I understand nature - silent and deep, with an occasional ripple.

Yes, I have only a few good friends and perhaps, that's my karma. Perhaps my folly lies in judging those with a 1000 invitees to their wedding. Perhaps, they have a lot more colour and fervour in their lives. But I'll never be them. They'll never be me. And never the twain shall meet.

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