All your accounts in one place

We've all heard of Hootsuite and Klout. But have you tried out ThoughtBuzz yet? It's a lively looking app/website/service that provides analytics for all your social media accounts in one place. What's more, it lets you view and assess the number and quality of your fans and interact with them accordingly. Here is a step by step guide to using ThoughtBuzz.

1. Choose which plan to sign up for

You cannot access the dashboard until you sign up. They have two plans - basic and premium on the lines of LinkedIn. While basic gives you insights for two social media profiles, premium offers insights for five. Premium scores over basic on a few other parameters as well. However, I'd suggest going for the basic plan initially if you're planning to check out Thoughtbuzz and see if it suits your needs, which is what I did.

2. Link your profile to your social media accounts

In my case, I linked my Facebook travel blog page and my Twitter travel blog page. I started these pages recently for my travel blog Trail-stained Fingers, a repository of philosophical travelogues and experimental writings and photographs of Mumbai, India and the world (in that order). The social media platforms have no economic motive behind them; they are just a way for fans and travel lovers to stay updated about the content I post.

3. Add feeds from your social media accounts and schedule posts

You can choose which feeds to add - tweets, timelines, mentions, likes etc. This interface reminded me of Tweetdeck and it performs well on mobile phones as you can simply keep swiping to see various feed trails. Like Hootsuite, you can also schedule posts to be put up at a later time and date without having to do it manually. Not only is this a time saver for brands with exhaustive content, it is also a handy tool to target times when most of your fans tend to be online.

4. Import your fans and followers

This is a simple one-click process and then you have all your fans on one page. In addition, you can also see how many times they have engaged with your social media presence and in what way.

5. Engage with fans and assess engagements

You can see trends related to the area you operate in as well as notifications in the form of likes, comments, shares, favourites, retweets and replies from all your social media accounts in one place. What I liked most was the 'top fans' tab which puts the spotlight on those who are engaging most with your brand. This way, you can even reward your top fans if you have a budget for it.

The coolest feature of ThoughtBuzz perhaps is the graphs and analytics tab, where you can see detailed analyses of the reach of your content and the extent of engagement. You can also select a time period for which you want to see the statistics, though there is a limitation for basic plan users. Depicted pictorially so that you can grasp the general trend quickly, I found this feature really useful.

ThoughtBuzz claims to be Asia's leading mobile first, social media management and analytics platform. First or not, it certainly seems to deliver on its promises efficiently.

I am checking out Thoughtbuzz as a part of an activity at BlogAdda