Documenting my financial journey

My dad has always taken care of all my investments and savings. In fact, all I have a is a vague idea of where my money lies. Obviously, this is not a desirable state of affairs for a 25 year old woman! That's when BlogAdda delivered 'My Money Book: For a long and happy journey called life', a slim notebook from Exide Life Insurance.

Now, dad belongs to the era of physical passbooks and statements. He is still not too comfortable with online banking. But browsing through sheaves of papers to know the status of my investments is really not my style. Luckily, I receive email statements of many of my investments. What about you? Unless you're really financially savvy (or you have no choice but to be!), I'm sure you're a little lost about your financial health too. As we grow older, we realise that we need to have a better stock of our money in order to fulfil long-term goals like buying a house and/or a car. This is where My Money Book comes in.

This is an easy to use journal with four main sections to fill in: insurance policies, loans, investments and bank details. 

Under insurance policies, I was able to fill in details of my life, health, motor and property insurance plans. Under bank details, I had to write about my lockers, accounts, demat accounts and credit cards. In the loans section, I jotted down the particulars of my home / property, auto and personal / consumer durable loans. Finally, in the investments section, I documented the details of my fixed deposits, mutual funds, property, public provident funds, national pension schemes and other investments. All in all, I don't think the book left out a single detail of an individual's potential financial portfolio.

I'm not kidding - through this exercise, I discovered facets of my financial history that I was never aware of before! Not only that, it felt great to have all my details in one place as a reference point. Of course, I would have to be really careful about where I kept my money book! But I seriously recommend this book for everyone who's looking for a way to organise their financial details.

So what are the top three goals that the money book accomplishes for you?

1. It keeps you up-to-date with all your money tasks.
You won't be forgetting payment dates or defaulting on premiums as long as you open this book every weekend.

2. It does so with minimal effort.
Yes, the first time you fill it up, it takes a while and a lot of running around to refer to the required documents. But later, all you have to do is update the book from time to time. And in fact, all that running around makes you realise how disorganised you were before!

3. It saves time when filling up forms.
So many forms require you to fill in financial details. The money book ensures that you never have to spend more than a few minutes filling up details.

The money book is easy to use, efficient and important for anyone who wants to collate their financial details in one place. Use it today and get your affairs in order!