Always another way.

There are -
more ways than one
to spread sunny cheer
and some may do it through their speech
elating those around and near
and some may do it through their art
gladdening those far and apart
So worry not
if you make none smile
There's always another way
to go that extra mile.

I don't know why I wrote that - I think it's because I always worry, that because I'm quiet and rarely perceived as the 'nice one', I may not be doing such a great job of spreading joy in this world. And trust me, that's the only goal worth having. It's the only resolution worth making, Nietzsche has convinced me. Reading about his decision to 'beautify the world', I found myself greatly troubled. I'm not funny and I barely say a word, except to the precious few that are closest to me. Am I contributing to people's lives in any way at all? I'm not the one many would approach in their time of need and I'm not the one they'd turn to if they needed cheering up. Then am I living a selfish existence - adding nothing; yet taking from the world?

And that's when it struck me - there is more than one way to spread cheer. It's not easy to light a spark in the hearts of those miles, countries away, and yet, I do believe I achieve that impossible task, sometimes, with a line or two that rings particularly well with the reader. And I do believe, cheering the distant reader isn't any less than humoring the nearby neighbour. That thought comforts me and lessens my unease at being an introvert who is extremely lazy about conversations and people relations.