Sachin Tendulkar for a day!

I'm lucky - I get to live my dream and be a writer. My boyfriend on the other hand, has had to give up much of his passion for cricket in his quest to bring happiness to his family with professional success. He is a SAP consultant (a specialisation in IT) and cricket is now the furthest thing from his lifestyle. Nevertheless, it's still the leitmotif in his thoughts and a persistent theme in his nightly dreams. How do I know? I know because it's all he talks about, for at least 90 per cent of the day. When he gazes into the distance, it's because he's recalling the last match he saw. And if there's anything he gets wistful about, it's his days of captainship during graduation and the inter-departmental cricket tournaments that happened in his last job. It's the time when as a child, his parents reluctantly agreed to let him go for cricket coaching classes in exchange for a promise that his studies wouldn't suffer (and they didn't). And it's the time when he travelled to Goa for the first time in his life for a cricket championship. Be it as a player or a viewer, his devotion to this game has never wavered. But right now, the thread that binds him to cricket is very tenuous and I'd like to change that.

A perfect day for my guy!

It doesn't get better than this for a cricket lover. If I could have any super power in the world, I'd turn my guy into Sachin Tendulkar for a day. He'd get to play the world's best games, meet all the awesome people that Sachin knows and experience firsthand, what life is like for the master blaster.

If I could make anything happen, I'd have my boyfriend meet the Indian cricket team, talk to them, spend time with them, play with them and learn tips from them on playing better and making it big in cricket. I'm sure he would be ecstatic at the opportunity to feel like a part of Team India!

A cricket extravaganza would be incomplete without an epic match against the world's best cricket team (after India of course :P). So I'd make sure my boyfriend was on top of the batting order in an exciting match against the Australian team. And post-match, I'm sure he would enjoy interacting the stalwarts of Team Australia as well!

Although Sachin is considered as the God of Indian cricket, my boyfriend's favourite cricketer has always been Rahul Dravid. He looks up to this elegant player for more reasons than one; his impeccable character and track record being one. I would organise a private tete-a-tete where my bf gets to know Rahul on a personal basis and I'm certain that they will spend hours discussing the nitty gritties of their favourite game!

Good cricket bats don't come cheap and ever since we met, my bf has been begging for a really fine one! So if I had alll the super powers in the world, I would gift him the world's best cricket bat and what's more, I'd have Virat Kohli do the honour. Perhaps if my super powers included superhuman magic as well, I'd infuse the bat with the ability to ensure that my bf always got to play cricket, at every stage in life, in some form or the other.

So this is how I'd make it the most memorable day in my guy's life. I'm sure if this happened, he'd never forget a single moment of it for the rest of his life.

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