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If I had to propose to my crush on Valentine's Day, how would I do it?

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Let me approach this question the other way round. How would I want someone to propose to me on Valentine's Day? Well for starters, no public displays around people I know! No, I don't think it's cute or romantic. It's just plain embarrassing! What I'd like is for my crush to tell me what it is that he loves about me. Ah yes. Isn't it always nice to know what people like about you? Besides, I ought to be convinced that the guy has concrete reasons for the crazy move he's decided to pull! But here's the thing - guys don't think the way women do. So I think I'd do just the opposite of what I'd like, if I had to propose to my crush on Valentine's Day.

Inspired by Closeup's new initiative, 'Cupid Games', I think, I'd propose to my crush on Valentine's Day with a game. I mean, which guy doesn't enjoy playing a game, right? I imagine that we'd have a few common friends if I know him well enough to have a crush on him. So for Valentine's Day, I'd propose a 'Single's Party' - all singles invited. Who knows, maybe along with me, a few others might rustle up the courage to ask their dream dates out as well!

On the D-Day, I'd have an array of games and activities ready, one of which would be the infamous 'Truth or Dare' game. I'm sure you know how that world. You have to spin a bottle or other elongated object while all the players sit in a circle around the object. When the bottle eventually stops, whichever person it's pointing at has to choose between 'truth' and 'dare'.  Now here is the secret - I'd pre-inform all my other friends, that whenever it's my turn, they are to ask me to perform a specific dare - I'm sure you can guess what it is. Since it's a game, if the guy (let's call him Mr X) refuses, it's all cool and if he agrees, hurray, I hit the love jackpot! So when the time comes, say friend A decides to dare me, he or she will tell me, "Your dare is to ask Mr X out for Valentine's Day and it's considered successful if he agrees!" You may say that Mr X will think I'm only doing it to stay in the game but trust me, my words and my expressions will lay all his doubts to rest. And if all goes well, I'll have a hell of a date this year!

So are you ready to play the love game? Go on, propose to your dream date this Valentine's Day. If you're going to do it with a game like me, be sure to be armed with an excellent speech that lists all the person's virtues in the most romantic and sincere way possible. And along with all that flattery, make sure your heart is reflected in your eyes, because that's what will make the difference in the end!

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