Bangalore, here I come!

Mangoes at a market in Bangalore
I clicked this picture when I went to Bangalore a year ago to visit one of my best friends, along with a common friend of ours. The three of us had an absolute blast, exploring the theatres, eateries, shopping nooks and famed pubs of India's very own garden city - Bangalore. Oh, the very second I entered the city, I felt like I had entered a magical place with natural air-conditioning and I knew I was in love. So if I had an opportunity to say, join my newspaper in its Bangalore branch (and my boyfriend also got a job in the city - it's very likely since he's in IT), it would be nothing short of a dream come true!

Now, a little while ago, while I was purchasing a hard disk, headphones and memory card from India's best online marketplace Quikr, I was surprised to find that the website had much more than just consumer products. One could even find houses, tutors and pets through the website! So if I had an opportunity to move to Bangalore, the first thing I would do is check out the 'apartments for rent' section on Quikr. The rent is just 8000 rupees for a good 1 BHK flat in Whitefield, a homely area of the city! That's incredibly cheap, compared to the ridiculous rates in Mumbai. I can sort the results as per their price and date of posting, which would make my task easier. After all, who wants to waste time on a dated advertisement?

Next, I'd need my own vehicle. Public transport in Bangalore is not as great as Mumbai and besides, a Nano should be well within my budget. So I'd trot over to the Cars and Bikes section, where I see the listings as per brand and type of vehicle. When I click on Tata, the very first listing is a Nano! Is that providence or what? I see that I can pick from brand new vehicles and used ones. Used Nanos are available from one lakh, which is something even I can afford! Quikr would come in handy indeed. Else, I would have to put in hours of physically scouring through showrooms and then poring through tons of newspaper ads to find the car I wanted!

But what if I didn't have a job in hand before I decided to make the brave decision to live on my own? Guess what, Quikr would have come to my rescue in that respect as well! Sounds unbelievable I know. I didn't know you could find jobs there either. until I stumbled upon this page. Ah yes, I now recall that posting ads on Quikr is absolutely free! No job advertisement website is going to offer that kind of a deal. It's not surprising then, that so many recruiters have chosen to post their requirements on Quikr. I spot a client servicing job opening with a leading advertising agency. That looks good. The ad tells me everything from the compensation, the work timings to the amount of on-field work required. That's quite thorough! I might have applied to that job if this move was for real (who knows, it might be).

Job? Check. House? Check. Car? Check. What would come next in my beautiful journey to being a true-blue Banglorean? If I was single, finding a boyfriend might have been on top of the list. But since I'm not, I think my next stop would be the nearest pub because all this hard work would have definitely made me thirsty for a drink!

This post has been written as a part of an Indiblogger and Quikr activity.

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