Would you give up anything for love?

By Jasaya on deviantart.com
It's a humbling feeling when you realise you'd do just about anything; give up the things you hold most dear and adopt that which you never identified with, to be with the one you love. Yes, you scoffed at people when they did it for the ones they loved. You said they were weak and lacked individuality. You said no one should bow down to such demands - even for love. And you were certain, you'd never be so pathetic. You'd never put another person before your own needs and you'd never choose anything over your own desires. Me first. That was your motto. Yet, now you humbly accept, that nothing would mean anything without your soul mate. And with them in your life, even the things that meant nothing - they suddenly add joy to your life. Yes, it's sad that the world is built such that you have to make all these sacrifices. But truth is, you do them quite happily. Because what you get in exchange is just too sweet - sweet enough to temper the pain of what you have to lose.